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by Dave Sutton January 30, 2014

Updating your landscape is a great way to bring extra beauty and value to your home. But a new look also doesn’t mean an empty pocketbook with the right planning.
You can begin by taking a serious look at your landscape needs. What works in your current landscape? How do you plan on using the area in the future? Can you work within your budget? Having a one, two or three year plan for the entire property can give you the results and save money in the long term.
If you prefer only plants in your landscape, decide if you need to change your existing design through trimming, transplanting or removal. If you like new plantings, size, quality and color must be considered.
There is a lot more you can add to your landscape beyond plantings. Possibly an attractive fence, stone wall, sitting wall, fire pit or landscape lighting to enhance your landscape at night. Hardscapes including patios and walkways are very popular today and can add years of entertainment for your family and friends. Today’s choices in pavers or natural stones and designs of them are making it easier for the homeowner to create that outdoor space they always wanted.
Be sure to plan early and provide as much details as possible. You too can have that outdoor space you were always dreaming of.

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