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by Dave Sutton February 25, 2013

Surface water from yearly rains can cause foundation and yard problems if not corrected over time. Make sure all your downspout connections are secure and leading away from your foundation. If there is slight slope towards your foundation, water may seep back and cause ground, basement floor and moisture issues in your house.
If you cannot lead the downspout away from the house, add soil and grade properly or install and connect your downspouts underground to a pvc drain pipe. The pvc drain pipe must pitch away from the house and be brought eventually above ground to a safe area. Another option is to connect your underground drain pipes to a dry well on your property if you don’t have enough slope to bring the pipe above ground
Surface water that remains on your property because of improper grading can cause soil erosion and turf grass issues if not corrected. If adding soil does not help, a trench drain with gravel and perforated pipe or possibly a pvc catch basin should solve the problem. Both systems need to be lead away from the problem areas in your lawn.
Once you have corrected these water problems, you should have a dry foundation and a healthier lawn.
Last but not least, it is important to check with your Township or City to review all codes regarding drainage systems on your property.
In our next article we will discuss what trees and shrubs do well in wet areas.

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